Fort Davis Stables

Fort Davis Stables gets a Spring Cleaning!

Fort Davis Stables’ website has long been one of my favorites.  Originally designed in 2008, way back before I was enlightened about the fabulous open-source community and WordPress…this site has evolved from a basic, HTML site developed with Microsoft’s Expression Web, through Dreamweaver’s CS4 with InContext Editing (which Adobe killed, thereby forcing me to find …


McIntyre Cattle Company

I’m really proud of this site.  The McIntyres asked me to create a logo for them, and expand that into a website.  With an excellent show history in the world of Miniature Herefords, a club-type calf seemed appropriate for their logo – and it will transfer easily to any surface (banner, signs, coats, chairs, letterhead) …


Hereford Logistics & Commodities

Get your goods down the road!  In 2011, Hereford Logistics & Commodities began operating in the Texas Panhandle providing quality logistics solutions for both large and small firms. They ensure freight is safely delivered on time, every time, no matter how big the load is or the volume of customers. Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and hard …

Rafter F Farm

Rafter F Farm

We are proud to introduce our latest website client, Rafter F Farms located in Brownsboro, Texas!  This design has a decidedly Texan flair, complete with the Texas flag and Bluebonnets (the Texas state flower).  Rafter F Farms has some incredible genetics in their Miniature Hereford herd, and we look forward to watching them rack up …

Clementine Ranch

Clementine Ranch

Another new and improved website from PARDNER!  Clementine Ranch had a lovely website, but we felt it was time for a face lift.  What you see is the result!  The site is now dynamically driven instead of a static page-by-page type site, and we have added a slideshow for additional flair.